10/31/2020 Carolina Monster Bass at High Rock – Update/Info

Since there have been many questions on this we figured we would let everyone know in case others had the same questions. Yes, the High Rock tournament is still happening tomorrow (10/31), and yes you will be able to trailer to another landing besides Southmont. However, you must still come to Southmont to have your live wells checked first before trailering to another landing.

The tournament is still at High Rock for 6/27/2020!

We have been made aware that some people have been told that our tournament on 6/27 tomorrow at High Rock has been moved to Randleman. That information is INCORRECT, as our tournament is still on HIGH ROCK at the Southmont landing and NOT Randleman. Please share this information to help us clear this up for those who may have been given incorrect information. Thank you and we hope to see you tomorrow!