$500 Grand Prize! – Carolina Monster Bass Tournament Badin Lake – September 22, 2018

$500 Grand Prize! – Carolina Monster Bass Tournament
Badin Lake – September 22, 2018

Winner $500.00
1st Place $50.00 per hour
2nd Place $40.00 per hour
3rd Place Gallon of 2-stroke oil

Carolina Monster Bass $500.00 Winner: Bobby Spates 5.02 lbs.

Winner of the $100.00 Rock Outdoors Gift Card for the smallest keeper fish: Buddy Sechrest 1.52 lbs.

1st Place: Derrick Briles 3.21 lbs.

1st Place: Bobby Spates 5.02 lbs.
2nd Place Buddy Sechrest 2.01 lbs.

1st Place: Robert Trueblood 2.17 lbs.
2nd Place: Willie Hughes 1.77 lbs.
3rd Place: Buddy Sechrest 1.52 lbs.

1st Place: Ricky McCrary 4.73 lbs.
2nd Place: AJ Negley 2.52 lbs.
3rd Place: Thomas Carroll 2.05 lbs.

1st Place: Buddy Sechrest 3.77 lbs.
2nd Place: Danny Spurrier 2.05 lbs.
3rd Place: Willie Hughes 1.70 lbs.

1st Place: Willie Hughes 4.46 lbs.
2nd Place: Joe Marsh 3.04 lbs.
3rd Place: Thomas Carroll 2.85 lbs.

1st Place: Robert Trueblood 3.94 lbs.
2nd Place: Danny Spurrier 2.23 lbs.
3rd Place: Bobby Spates 2.02 lbs.

Thanks, everyone for fishing with us! Next tournament is at High Rock on Saturday, October 20th at the Southmont Landing.

Results are also posted on our website https://carolinamonsterbass.com/
and photos are also posted on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carolina.monsterbass/


Carolina Monster Bass Tournament at Badin on 9/15 postponed until 9/22!

Due to Hurricane Florence coming through this weekend and the predicted high winds and amount of rain, we will be postponing this weekend’s tournament to the following weekend on 9/22. We apologize for any inconvenience but we do not want to endanger any of our anglers. Stay safe and hope to see you Saturday 9/22!

Also, the hours for fishing are being changed to 7AM-3PM.