Carolina Monster Bass at High Rock on 6/18/2022 Results – $1000 Grand Prize!

$1120 Winner Of Carolina Monster Bass: Elvis York 5.40 lbs.

Winner of $100.00 Rock Outdoors Gift Card for catching the smallest keeper fish: Joel Ketcham 1.25 lbs.

Lady Angler Winner: Leslie McSweeney 1.83 lbs.

We had 59 people and 3 youths fish in the tournament.

Winner Grand Prize: $1000.00

Hourly Payouts:
1st Place: $120.00
2nd Place: $80.00
3rd Place: $60.00

7:00-8:00 Hour
1st Place: Lamar Worthy 5.15 lbs.
2nd Place: Bill Dudley 3.77 lbs.
3rd Place: Chris Brown 3.45 lbs.

8:00-9:00 Hour
1st Place: Danny Spurrier 4.82 lbs.
2nd Place: Tanner Stirwall 4.37 lbs.
3rd Place: Ralph Hollifield 3.25 lbs.

9:00-10:00 Hour
1st Place: Josh McCrary 4.91 lbs.
2nd Place: Steve Dyer 4.62 lbs.
3rd Place: Bryce Burkhart 4.07 lbs.

10:00-11:00 Hour
1st Place: Erik Myers 3.47 lbs.
2nd Place: David Warrick 3.21 lbs.
3rd Place: Mike White 3.15 lbs.

11:00-12:00 Hour
1st Place: Wyatt Hill 3.24 lbs.
2nd Place: Ralph Hollifield 2.79 lbs.
3rd Place: Bryce Burkhart 2.60 lbs.

12:00-1:00 Hour
1st Place: Elvis York 5.40 lbs.
2nd Place: Tanner Stirwall 4.31 lbs.
3rd Place: John Marsh 3.03 lbs.

1:00-2:00 Hour
1st Place: Travis Leonard 3.17 lbs.
2nd Place: Ralph Hollifield 2.58 lbs.
3rd Place: Josh McCrary 2.51 lbs.

Thanks, everyone for fishing with us, you are appreciated! We will see you all at Randleman on 7/23!