Below are the rules and Fee information for tournaments:

    1. Tournament Entry Fee: $60.00 (CASH ONLY) per entrant, kids 14 and under fish free with parent or guardians consent. No more than 4 occupants per boat
    2. There will be prizes awarded to top youth angler, there will also be a prize for top female angler
    3. Hourly payouts will be based on number of entrants at event that day
    4. Weather: Tournaments will be held regardless of weather. Only exception extreme weather: Check website in that circumstance
    5. All boats must be sea worthy. Entrants fish at own risk. Use good judgement.
    6. All state and federal laws shall apply at all times during tournament
    7. Safety: All boats must be deemed seaworthy by tournament committee.
    8. S.C.G. approved life vest is required for each person on board. These must be worn at all times while outboard engine is in use.
    9. Boats & Motors: There will be no restriction on boats or motors as far as horsepower ratings, however, all boats must be deemed seaworthy by tournament committee. Must have kill switch and at least one aerated livewell.
    10. Tackle Permitted: Conventional Bass tackle will be approved for use in this tournament format. All fish must be caught on artificial lures only. Participants may use only one rod at a time. No trolling will be allowed.
    11. Livewells: Must be checked at ramp the day of tournament by tournament official. After check in you may proceed to fishing area but may not begin fishing until designated start time.
    12. Any off-limits fishing areas are prohibited as by state rules.
    13. All fishing must be done from participant’s boat, no leaving boat to fish.
    14. Participants must be in line at weigh site before the end of respective hour for weight to be considered that hour. No dead fish will be weighed.
    15. Alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are not permitted
    16. Boat inspections: all contestants by entering tournament agree to allow tournament officials to inspect boat at any time. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
    17. Ties: In case of tie the fish weighed first will be the winner
    18. Entrants may weigh 1 bass per hour per entrant
    19. The Tournament rules committee will be responsible for interpretation and enforcement of all tournament rules. The tournament rules committee will rule on any unusual situations which might occur. That decision will be final in all instances. Any rules violation will be cause for disqualification.
    20. Random polygraph may be given to winners.