$500 Grand Prize! – Carolina Monster Bass Tournament High Rock Lake on 10/20/2018

$500 Grand Prize! – Carolina Monster Bass Tournament
High Rock Lake – October 20, 2018

Winner $500.00
1st Place $100.00 per hour
2nd Place $50.00 per hour
3rd Place $30.00 per hour

Carolina Monster Bass $500.00 Winner: Robert Mixon 6.40 lbs.

Winner of the $100.00 Rock Outdoors Gift Card for the smallest keeper fish: Lucas Hedrick 1.18 lbs.

1st Place: Tony Foster 5.27 lbs.
2nd Place: Myron Hughs 3.18 lbs.
3rd Place: John Marsh 1.17 lbs.

1st Place: Robert Mixon 6.40 lbs.
2nd Place: Ladd Whicker 2.61 lbs.
3rd Place: Danny Spurrier 2.53 lbs.

1st Place: Garrett Smith 5.29 lbs.
2nd Place: Phillip Hedrick 3.75 lbs.
3rd Place: Ladd Whicker 3.32 lbs.

1st Place: Tony Foster 4.33 lbs.
2nd Place: 4.19 lbs.
1st Place: Neil Stockton 3.69 lbs.
2nd Place: Steve Dyer 3.37 lbs.
3rd Place: Austin Brinkley 3.17 lbs.

1st Place: Danny Spurrier 4.88 lbs.
2nd Place: Austin Brinkley 4.45 lbs.
3rd Place: Steve Sink 3.57 lbs.

1st Place: Greg Duncan 4.45 lbs.
2nd Place: Robert Mixon 3.27 lbs.
3rd Place: Ladd Whicker 2.91 lbs.

Thanks, everyone for fishing with us this year!

Results are also posted on our website https://carolinamonsterbass.com/
and photos are also posted on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carolina.monsterbass/