Carolina Monster Bass at Randleman 10/12/2019 Results – $1000 Grand Prize!

Carolina Monster Bass at Randleman 10/12/2019 Results – $1000 Grand Prize!

$1,175.00 Winner Of Carolina Monster Bass: Sammy Lane 6.29 lbs.

Winner of $100.00 Rock Outdoors Gift Card for catching the smallest keeper fish: Thomas Johnson 1.26 lbs.

Hunter Jobe won a custom fishing rod donated by Billy Davis Custom Rods for catching the biggest bass of the year.  His fish weighed 7.02 lbs.

Youth Angler Winner: Emmitt Duncan 1.70lbs

We had 65 people fish the tournament.

Hourly Payouts:
Winner: $1,000.00
1st Place: $175.00
2nd Place: $100.00
3rd Place: $60.00

8:00-9:00 Hour
1st Place: Adam White 5.14 lbs.
2nd Place: Jason Ryggs 3.81 lbs.
3rd Place: Mike Harding 2,58 lbs.

9:00-10:00 Hour
1st Place: Herbie Young 5.95 lbs.
2nd Place: Bradley Lovings 4.05 lbs.
3rd Place: Chris Kinney 3.38 lbs.

10:00-11:00 Hour
1st Place: Sammy Lane 6.29 lbs.
2nd Place: Heath Toler 3.43 lbs.
3rd Place: Danny Spurrier 3.30 lbs.

11:00-12:00 Hour
1st Place: Cory Leonard 3.43 lbs.
2nd Place: Chad Ratliff 2.96 lbs.
3rd Place: No fish weighed in

12:00-1:00 Hour
1st Place: Steve Sink 3.77 lbs.
2nd Place: Adam White 3.23 lbs.
3rd Place: Darrell Varner 3.13 lbs.

1:00-2:00 Hour
1st Place: Greg Haverlock 4.23 lbs.
2nd Place: Chris Kinney 4.15 lbs.
3rd Place: Allen Westmoreland 3.85 lbs,

2:00-3:00 Hour
1st Place: Dale Adams 3.02 lbs.
2nd Place: Ricky Wright 2.54 lbs.
3rd Place: Drex Harding 2.51 lbs.

Thanks, everyone for fishing with us this year! The schedule for next year will be posted on facebook and website when we have it ready.

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